Feb 062011

For our exhibition, “Coverage” in July of 2010, we worked with Sam Scharf who is an exhibition’s specialist for the Hirshhorn.  We were extremely impressed with his detailed work, specifically with a found object installation based on a suspended ostrich egg in our 12×12 show.  His view of art is unique so we knew he’d bring an amazing collection to the gallery.  He introduced us to the work of Megan Mueller and Sabeth Jackson.  Days were spent with installation.  We’re not talking about a day of painting and hanging work, there was serious planning and effort involved.   The show was a site-specific installation of museum quality.  Sabeth’s linocuts were suspended raw with magnets.  I find it extremely exciting and contemporary to let the work breathe, and live on it’s own with a very simple presentation.  Her series is entitled “Wox Stalker” which explored different inks and print styles in the German expressionist style.  The emotion is stark with great control of a multi-color process. The imagery spoke to us. Each print was produced in an edition of 5, on a thick wonderful sheet of paper.  We purchased one for the gallery, number 2 of 5.  From the collection, in the coverage show, it’s the print on the top, at the far right.

After several trips to the gallery we were unable to get a representational shot of her work, even with a polarizing filter.  The conservation glass reflected an unbelievable amount of light.  There are a few artifacts of the gallery background visible, and the black should appear black, but it does not appear in the snap shot.  Aside from the picture quality, you can get a feeling for her work.  Face-to-face, there’s a significant contrast between the black and grey tones.  One day, we’re going to need to disassemble the frame and remove the glass so you can get a real feel for this work on-line.  This is actually an increasingly difficult task for galleries and artists.  That is, it’s difficult to really convey the feeling of a work of art through an image on a website.  We’ll post an update as we acquire cleaner images.

We decided to frame the work, to protect the print from dust and UV light.  We used a very simple frame so that we didn’t distract from the image.  Lately, for my personal collection, i’ve gone a little crazy with silk covered mats and intricate mouldings, but this wasn’t right for this work.  We selected a white mat that suited the tonality of the paper.  Not an off white, but we also staid away from a very bright white.

At this point, our collection was off to a great start, and as we’re moving forward, we’re developing a greater idea of where things are going.  The collection will represent both our activity in the gallery, and growing connection with our artist family or stable of artists.  I’ve often heard folks use this term, a stable of artists, but for us, it’s much much more personal.  It is a family, and we are developing a community through our activities as we see several families of artists merge and grow.

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