Feb 082011

With the goal of expanding our gallery’s community we offered two spots for internships to the University of Maryland.  We invited our interns to select art. We thought this was an extremely unique opportunity for the both of us.  We earned the view of “art to come” through eyes of new artists, and they acquired the opportunity to plan a gallery show outside of the university.

To start, our interns met with gallery Neptune owner Elyse Harrison to discuss the process of selecting work.  The show was a team effort where our two interns, Owen Duff and Sahar Somekhian worked together to develop their first curatorial experience.  They gave the show an appropriate title of, “Square One.”

Both Sahar and Owen had very different views of art, however they worked extremely well together and picked a cohesive group of works with a wide range of styles.  Their differences allowed the show to grow.  The artists included Jay Chmilewski, Erica Federhen,  Timothy Horjus, Christie Liberatore, Kunj Patel, and Fawna Xiao.  Square One was bright and packed full of color.  See the link above for more information about the show.

Walking into the reception after the installation was an exciting experience since I had been out of town the week before the final selections and install for a tour of LA area galleries.  We took the city apart running from Culver City to Bergamot Station and Abbot Kinney to amazing museums like LACMA, the Getty, and beyond.  However, that in itself is a story for another time.  After living in a LA state of mind for over a week, it was so wonderful to see the choice works of art that our interns had selected.  “Square One,” definitely fit with my west coast state of mind.

I knew we were going to buy art from this selection of work; it was just a matter of what suited the future of our collection. It was an extremely difficult choice.  Each artist’s work spoke to me on a personal level from Timothy’s extreme attention to detail and bright colors, to Fawna’s screen prints.

The entire show was strong, but I was really attracted to Erica Federhen’s acrylic works on canvas.  At first glance, I wanted the entire collection of her works, which made the choice difficult.  It was going to be the alphabetical work with the letters  r, e, and d in red.

It looked like we had a buyer for that work, so I spent more time with her other paintings since I didn’t want to prevent a collector from purchasing a work.

Then “poco a poco,” which means little by little caught my attention.  By the time the show ended our collector who was interested in the “red” work had commitment issues.  I decided that “poco a poco” was really a statement about our/artdc’s efforts in the art scene over the years.   We do things little by little, so as much as I thought the red work was an homage to Jasper Johns, whom I love, the gallery decided to purchase poco a poco.  See it here:

See the artist with her work in our gallery:

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