Jan 162014

“Leaves and Reflections” by Alan Simmons is a print I have had for a while and was one of my first purchases. Although my interest lies within the realm of traditional and historic processes, this inkjet print caught my eye and became more important to me than I might have guessed.

“Leaves and Reflections” by Alan Simmons

The color of orange moves through the middle of this vertical print, pushing my eyes through the area and setting the stage for everything else. Blue dollops of leaves are strewn about in an almost planned way, ensuring enough coverage throughout the print so that I can stop at any one of them and examine its form. These leaves are blue in color, which perfectly complements the orange. On either side of this mass the color of green keeps me from looking away and brings balance and harmony to the scene. The combination of saturation and peace allows me to fall into the print and stay there.

It’s more than just a great print; I have a special attachment to this piece of art. The first juried show in which I participated was in 2009 at VisArts in Rockville, MD. Looking at the work that accompanied my own I saw many that I liked, but “Leaves and Reflections” stood out. I felt that I had no choice but to purchase it so that I could enjoy it well after the show ended. The print has graced the top of the stairs in my house ever since.

About a year later I wandered through the Kentlands Mansion Art Gallery, looking at a photo exhibit within the two floors of the building. Downstairs one person offered pictures of birds while another displayed landscapes. As there were others in the rooms, the yawn I produced was internal only. I walked upstairs and looked at the prints there with little interest, then wandered down the hall to the remaining area yet to be examined. I am glad that I was not being filmed because my jaw probably dropped. Gracing the wall were strong abstracts of architectural objects that jumped out at me and finally made me glad that I had made the hour drive to see the show. It was almost no surprise to me when I realized that the artist of these creations was Alan Simmons.

A couple of years passed and I was given a show at Glenview Mansion Art Gallery along with two other photographers. One of those two was Alan Simmons. We moved from offering single prints together to having a show of our work together, and as this was someone whose work I appreciated, it became even more special.