Feb 062012

In 2010, we held our first show inviting UMD undergrad interns to act as our guest curators. The show was tight, and well attended. We bought our first undergrad work for the artdc collection at that show. A year later, we recently closed our second UMD undergrad show for 2011.

It was an excellent event, an opportunity for students to network with more seasoned artists, and experience their work in a gallery off campus. The energy in the air reminded me of my first New York solo show, at Tracy Causey’s gallery. I was so excited to be in NY, I slept under my art in lieu of a hotel. Maybe this energy is part of my attraction to doing undergrad shows. We’re offering the public an opportunity to view the work of new artists selected by a first time curator. Again I’m stuck with the limited number of explicatives to describe the event, so tremendous fits.

As in 2010, we decided to expand artdc’s collection by adding another work from our UMD series.

We purchased Melanie Fischer’s “Jetski Accident.” It’s full of energy, and I can visualize the title in the piece.  I see the red and black representing blood and oil, blue for water It’s exploding energy with motion in the paint and scratches in the surface. The art stands on its own, but in such an abstract work, it’s nice to cheat with a little insight into the artist’s mind by reading the title. I liked that for a young artist, she’s using quality materials like museum wrapped stretcher bars supported with cross bars in the back. Little details matter.

With a title like “Jetski Accident,” I do want to know more about its history, and the thought behind Melanie’s process. There’s history in a title like that.

Recently, I produced some work that pushed my limits in the abstract world. To develop titles, I had to dig deep into why I was creating my images, the process and thoughts behind them. I can’t wait to find out how Melanie’s work develops, and what it means to her.

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