Jun 052011

The artdc Gallery has represented Grayson Heck in several exhibitions since April of 2010.  His positive energy as an artist and guest curator has had a bright impact on our experience in our space.

Grayson works in a wide variety of media from painting to sculpture and beyond.  I find strength in his ability to transform metal from raw material, giving it life and form representing an idea.  He doesn’t just bend metal; he creates emotions and reactions.  Since his work in “Don’t Feed the Art,” (DFTA) I’ve been impressed, and I knew we’d eventually purchase some of his work.  His sculptures maintain electric energy, even without the wall plugs of the kinetic works in the DFTA show.

In January of 2011 we put together a show titled “structure, energy,” exhibiting the works of Peter Gordon, Grayson Heck, and Lisa Rosenstein.  Over the years, they have all produced a solid base of work, so we were excited to display their creations.

Grayson included six works ranging from found object-based instruments and stationary sculptures.  An artdc patron purchased one group of sculptures simply titled “spikes.”  The spikes are tall triangular based works.

(Structure, energy spike and kinetic instrument installation shots by Tom Cardarella).

See the kinetic instrument sculptures:

After circling the show for several days, I decided it was time, and I dropped Grayson an e-mail to let him know that we’d purchase his “knots” for the gallery collection.

The knots are sand cast iron made from a foam burn out.  To create texture, Grayson coated the foam with a faux ceramic surface. Grayson writes, “The knots represent our frustrations and anxieties that build up inside of us. As we try to repress and control these emotions/thoughts, our ‘insides’ get tangled, contorted and tied together.”

See a knot close up here:

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