May 252011

In November of 2010, I dropped some photographs by the Studio Gallery in DC for photo week.  I fell in love with the art by Brian Kirk.  His work ranges from steel sculpture to prints created with rust.  I like the metallic content.  In my mind, they harmonize with the rusted paint can work by Steven Dobbin who is represented by friends of ours at Causey Contemporary.  While Steven created prints from rusted paint cans, Kirk is using metal tools to develop impressions with rust for a period of 6 weeks or more.  I know they are both concerned with the effects of time and nature.   The end results of Kirk’s and Dobbin’s work are very different, but to me, there’s a relationship with similar thoughts.  I’m sure they developed their ideas independently, but there is excitement to see connections in creative material use.

While I was at the gallery, Adah, the director, gave me a tour of the space.  After viewing Kirk’s work, she pointed to a portfolio that contained more of his rust prints.  I bought one for my personal collection.  I like buying unframed work since it allows me to play with the presentation.  After all, the walls in my house are not white like the gallery, so I enjoy adding to the décor, and using the frame to make the work pop.

I stopped by my framer’s shop. Mark Klostermeyer is a master framer with a great eye.  We decided to step out of my normal range and begin a new addiction with cloth-covered mats.  As a photographer, I’ve presented a number of works in a very simple manner.  This work deserved more.  Mark suggested a mat with a fake suede finish.  He mounted the work for me, and I completed the work using Acropolis by Larson Juhl (Mark’s suggestion) which has a dark terra cotta finish.  The snapshot below of the finished work doesn’t quite show the details.  There are some amazing subtleties between the rust, suede, and frame hues of brown. In the future, I’ll start to photograph these works before adding the glazing so you can see the work sans reflections.   For this work, I chose plexi with UV protection to keep the work safe while reducing the weight on the wall.  View the completed work here:

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