Apr 062011

In August of 2010 we hosted a popup show in Arlington, VA entitled suddenspace, which developed from the idea that we planned this show with less than 30 days notice.  Suddenly, we had space.  Sam Scharf and Megan Mueller selected the work for the exhibition.  The show consisted of a wonderful group of artists many of which were from American University.

We filled a 5000+ square foot space with an amazing selection works from Emily Biondo, Tim Campbell, Bobby Coleman, Kate Demong, L. Kimberly Gillespie, Victoria Greising, Adam Hager, Sabeth Jackson, Sarah Laing, Stuart Lorimer, Lindsay McCulloch, Sarah Miller, Camden Place, Katherine Sable, Ben Tolman, Jenny Walton, Stewart Watson, Megan Mueller, and Samuel Scharf.

The show crossed the range with a wide variety of works including a number of unique installations art.

During setup and installation, I felt a great attraction to Jenny Walton’s monotypes.   Her work is tight and fluid at the same time with ghosts of bones.  You can see pain in her abstracted images.

We invited her to do a show at the artdc Gallery.  I paired her work with the film-based found objects of Alexandra Zealand.  We named the show, “in the present.”  Their work matched well with a contrasting edge as they both grappled with thoughts of human life and its evolving relationships to the world, which they expressed through organic curves using stark black and white combinations.

As our collection grows, I realized that one of Jenny Walton’s works would fit nicely, so we purchased a small work.  See it below:

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